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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 9, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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several businesses including a country club and raised a family in the comment loved. to say he was great story tell sear understatement e talked to just about everybody. and he wrote a book and was a frequent guest on carson and letterman talking about the football golden years and his life. services will be at 11 here at cathedral of mary our queen. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich. >> and we have been remembering him all week on abc2. we have special coverage of the funeral today. remembering art donovan starts at 10 this morning on abc2. we are going to stream this special live online. so if you have to go to work or not at home catch it on the computer. the special will cover up the view if you are a fan of the show. we will air the view at 4:00 today. testimony continues in the murder for hire trial. karla porter is accused of arranging her husband's murder three years ago at this towson hess gas station. yesterday she spoke to the jury
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in a soft voice vice how -- describing how time after time her husband abused her. she explained the threats and abuse got so bad she had no choice but to kill him. however the state pointed out she never reported any of the abuse or threats to the police. robert jarrett will spend the next 30 years in prison for the murder of his then wife christine. she was killed 22 years ago andher body was buried under a shed at the family home. the judge called hiding the body "an extraordinary demonstration of coldness and calculation." new this morning, the baltimore councilman wants the city to stand their ground by not doing business with florida. it would be in protest of the state's stand your ground law after george zimmerman's aquita. councilman nick mosby files to -- plans to file a resolution to stop doing business in florida hoping it will change the law to allow people to use
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deadly force. you will see more security near johns hopkins school of medicine because several employees have been robbed and assaulted in the area. according to reports, there will be more foot and bike a rolls along washington streets between 11 at night and 7 in the morning and there will be a increased police presence outside the student apartments on north wolf street. 21 million dollars is on its way to curtis bay and senator mikulski is excited about the long lasting impact on baltimore's. [audio not understandable] >> it will enabled us to have jobs the next 4 or 5 years and lay the groundwork. [audio not understandable] >> it will be used to upgrade critical equipment like tugboats to break up ice. some will go toward the repairs of the eagle. 82 military personnel and more than 500 civilian workers work at the curtis bay coast guard
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station. later today, prz obama is ex-- president obama is speced to sorn-- expected to sign a bill to slash interest rates on student loans. the white house says the plans will save millions of students for an average of 1500 dollars on loans they take out for school this year. time to stalk sports. 6 minutes after 5 -- time to talk sports. 6 minutes after 5. the ravens blasted the bucs 44-16 in the preseason opener. runningback pierce scored a touchdown backup quarterback taylor threw two scores. so up next they are going to be playing the falcons at m and t bank stadium on thursday. ravens fans mark this date on your calendar, november 24th. that's the day you will be able to see new hall of famer jonathan ogden get his hall of fame ring. yesterday he tweeted out this, can't wait to receive my hall
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of fame ring at ravens no 24th game. that game is a sunday at 1:00 versus the new york jets. all right. it's about time to shout play ball in aber done because the 14th ash aberdeen because the 14th annual-- aber dean because the 14th annual cal ripken world series will take place. the world series features kids 1 and under opening ceremonies will take place 5 p.m. at the ripken experience complex in aber deen shall dean. it's friday -- aberdeen. we have more showers and thunderstorms on tap for today but will we see it for the weekend? i will have the answer coming up. >> reporter: no delays in your i will show you what the other main lines look like coming up on good morning maryland. as we head to break, friends remember, baltimoreans love artie. >> i am scart garceau and i loveed artie donovan.
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>> i am dan mead. >> i am frank and i love and loved arthur donovan. >> i am michael oshea and i love arthur donovan. miss you brother. [ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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17 inches of rain since the weekend. and can you imagine the road are completely washed-out and homes are flooded. >> i am sure the electrical, i mean, i hon of thely -- honestly really don't know. it's a mess. >> yeah across the midwest the heavy rains may slow down but the high water may take sometime to run off. so lynette, we are complaining about the humidity and i guess we don't have much to complain about. >> right. but you know, we have such a juicy atmosphere out there with the dew points in the upper 70s, we could squeeze out a lot of moisture with some of the thunderstorms that we will be receiving today. so we could get flash flooding in here and also some heavy rains. so the satellite and radar picking up a on a line of showers and thunderstorms back off towards the west. this is courtesy of the stalled out front. this is the one dropping all that heavy rain across the middle of the nation and it's going to do it again for today. slowly but surely this front will make the way closer to us as we progress through the day. but ahead of it, very humid out
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there. very uncomfortable and behind it we can't wait for it to pass because that's when the drier air will drop in across the area. in the meantime, not only are we going to be dealing with the humidity for today. we do have the warm temperatures this morning and it's 73 degrees right now in westminster and also norrisville. sparrows point is at 76 and you are looking that way in annapolis and northeast denton more of the same and even in cambridge. as we go throughout the day, yes, grab the rain gear because abc2's most accurate future trend picks up on showers and storms so we are talking around6:00 this evening, the commute to work this morning is not that bad in terms of the wet weather. but as we go into the afternoon and evening, that commute could be on the dicey side. so just be prepared for that as you go through the rest of the day. as we work our way into the weekend, things dry out a bit. but i am going to keep the chance for some showers in there and just because that stationary front might not clear all the way. it could be hovering but we are talking about isolated showers and storms so with that, once again make sure to down load
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the storm shield weather app that's going to keep you abreast of any type of warnings in your neighborhood and that's going to keep you safe. as we look at the planner for today, maybe you will do jogging and keep are eye to the sky. off and on showers scattered showers with the temperature coming in at lunchtime at 85. but the high temperature will be at 88 degrees today. so we will be quite warm quite humid but we dry things out as we head towards the end of the weekend with more showers possible by tuesday and wednesday. let's check the traffic now with lauren. >> reporter: right now, we have a crash in howard county in elk ridge on washington boulevard. at old washington road and more problems to tell you about on 895. we are dealing with a disabled car along the southbound lanes at the harbor tunnel on top of the nstruction that is taking place. right at petite street and 95 heading downtown you won't have problems. here's a live look at eastern avenue. clear as you make the push from the throughway down to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza. it will take a quick 6 minutes and the beltway nice and clear here in parkville.
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just west of perking parkway no -- perking parkway. outer loo-- perring parkway. follow me on twitter at maryland traffic. megan over to you. new this morning, dozens of employees at u.s. consulates in pakistan have been ordered to leave all because of a terror threat. u.s. officials say the action is a precautionary measure thestate department is urging all americans to avoid nonessential travel to pakistan. later today, president obama will hold a news conference to talk about this. the terror threat to shut downnearly 2 dozen u.s. embassies around the world. and now to an abc2 news update. two months nelson mandela was admitted to the hospital because of a recurring lung infection and is still listed in critical condition but his health is said to be improving. former president bill clinton is in south africa as part of a five country sure of the continent. -- tour of the continent. during an event he tacked about some of the lessons -- talked
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about some of the lessons he learned from the antiapartheid leaders. >> one of the great legacies of mandela is in spite of the fact that he was denied the right to see his children grow up. and all these other things that he lost, he never forgot that politics and economics were really about personal stories. >> the former south african president was admitted to the hospital on june 8th and since then the gate outside the hospital has been covered with banners and cards wishing mandela a speedy recovery and thanking him for everything he's done for the country. parents you know your kids love to play video games or watch tv but too much screen time can be a problem even when it's for educational purpose. this is coming from pediatricians saying that parents should limit their screen time outside of school assignments to just one or two hours a day. more than that can lead to
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health problems. >> headaches, eyes feeling tired, neck strain and wrist problems. >> so turning off the screens can actually have some health benefits kids can spend more time being active outside if they know the tv is off limits inside the house. night lights are great for children afraid of the dark but you may not know what's shining with the light. it can damage your child's eyes. experts say that studies have linked night lights to development problems with eyesight and they say it can certainly be a problem with children as they develop. all right. it's august and many families are beginning to turn their sights to the upcoming school year. some kids maybe excited about it more than others. that's for sure. there are a lot of reasons that kid get back to school jitters. and there are things to keep in mind. some may be worried about being away from their parents and others may be anxious about their new teachers. so you might be wondering what you can do to help.
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>> being involved in the open house allowing them to walk through the hallways and showing them where the locker is especially for those who have to transition between classes. >> the doctor goes onto say some of the best things parents can do remain positive even if you are having the back to school jitters yourself. two dozen homes destroyed. more are threatened this morning. we will take you out tocalifornia coming up next wherecrews are battling a huge wild fire. what one homeowner did to protect the property. it may seem ridiculous but it helped. as we head to break we will hear from people who loved artie donovan and are remembering the baltimore colt this morning. >> he knew the ceos but knew the janitor and he cared about both of them equally. i think that was part of his greatness.
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5:21. thanks for joining us. we have new information coming in on the huge wild fire in banning california. this is with a we know right now. flames destroyed more than two dozen homes that fire has grown
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to nearly 22 square miles. and forced 1800 people to flee. one man listen to this, he decided to stay back and fight >> 100 foot flames just roaring and loud. >> listen to this. his home of 30 years was spared. the fire is 20% contained right now. the cause is still under investigation. follow us on twitter and we will let you know. >> now from abc2 maryland's most accurate forecast. >> all right. satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot in terms of wet weather as of now. but we have plenty of moisture out there because we have the cloud and patchy fog back off toward the north and west. and a few showers are around frederick county this morning. this will continue in the area sliding off toward the north and east as we go through the morning. and we will fill in those showers and storms especially into the afternoon. but you heard me tell you how moist it is outside. yes, e moisture levels are0s.
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we are talking about 77 in perry hall right now. and 74 in baltimore city and 73 for a dew point in glen burnie and 57 annapolis. manchester 73 and more of the same in chestertown and also elkton. the actual temperatures coming in at 79 degrees in baltimore city. 77 in perry hall annapolis chesterton but with the humidity, this is what it feels like already this morning. it feels like we are in the 80s. the mid-80s in baltimore city and perry hall and low 80s in annapolis and chestertown. and as we go into the afternoon, what it's going to feel like we will feel more like we are in the 90s so if you want to play golf be prepared for the hot weather feeling like but also be prepared for a chance for a shower or thunderstorm as we head into the lunchtime with the temperature coming in at 85. but feeling more like 90, 95. let's check the traffic now with lauren. >> reporter: well, i have an update on 895. a disabled car along the southbound lanes at harbor tunnel has been cleared.
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delays dissipated and the fort mchenry tunnel is okay. in anne arundel county there's a crash along the westbound lanes of route 100 approaching oakwood road and in howard county a crash on washington boulevard at old washington road in elk ridge but no delays on interstate 70. 65 miles per hour eastbound at columbia pike it's going to be an easy ride as you pushover to 695. right now n. pikesville, 55 -- in pikesville, 55 miles per hour. the outer loop is clear. this is a live look great friday morning commute. it's going to take 11 minutes to get from 795 down to 95 and speed will remain nice and high here on 795 at owings mills boulevard. it's going to be a nice calm ride making the drive to the beltway. that's your timesaver traffic. good morning. topping america's money. stocks opened higher this morning after snapping a 3-day free fall. the dow nasdaq and s&p 500 were up yesterday on positive news
5:21 am
about jobs. taxpayers are getting a 10 billion dollar check from fannie mae and that means they have paid back about 90% of the 117 billion dollar bailout during the housing collapse. the nc-aa is redesigning the online store as it stops selling football jerseys and other school merchandise. the move is amid a lawsuit wince they are fighting several former and current athletes over the use of their images and likenesses. and three million bucks is the final asking price to history. love boat cruise ship has taken the final voyage to a wrecking turned to scrap. ere it will be the pacific princess was thecenter he is piece of the show. -- centerpiece of the show. they are a bundle of joy but raising a baby is not cheap. just out of list of a average cost of a first year of life based on where you live i hate the list, baltimore is in the middle coming in at 25,600
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>> they went to kenya to baled home for family they didn't know and now the volunteers from harford county are stuck there. we have the latest on when they may be able to return. he spent 10 bucks and got back $149 million in return. not a bad idea. ill we will introduce you to one of the lucky winners of the power ball jackpot. those stories on straight ahead on this friday. happy friday and thanks for joining us. we will start off with weather as you head out and plan your day and plan your weekend. you need meteorologist lynette charles in here. >> we are mainly dry across the area a few isolated showers you can see on the border right now. pennsylvania and carroll county. traveling that way, you are going to run into light to moderate rain showers aroundpine ridge farms and all this is sliding off toward the north and east. now this activity will increase a bit as we go through the morning and especially as we go into the afternoon. we are talking about more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast once again for today. so we are going to stay on the
5:27 am
unsettled side. temperatures right now, coming in at 73 degrees in owings mills we are quite warm this morning. these temperatures well above average. we need to do is switch the numbers at 7 at 6 we should be at 6 and 7 but right now in stevensville -- stevensville at 76. we have the winds out of the south right now at about 5 to 10 miles an hour. and with all the moisture we are saturated. we are dealing with a little patchy fog around owings mills this morning off to the north and west of the city as well. as we look at the planner for today, we are going to see the scattered showers off and on as we go through the day. you could squeak in a bike ride and this wetter pattern is just like for the beginning of the week and it will continue for the end of the week. as we go into lunchtime the temperature is at 85. so what i am suggesting, is make sure to keep the rain gear handy. let's check the traffic now with lauren. >> reporter: well, we have trashes a-- crashes across the region in howard county. there's an accident in elk ridge on washington boulevard
5:28 am
at old washington road and in anne arundel county another crash westbound route 100 as you approach oakland road. 97 will be nice and clear. here's live look south of 695 and no problems right now as you make are way from route 50 all the way up to the beltway. now if you are traveling in baltimore county we have a crash in randallstown on liberty road reported at pikeswood drive. 695 here's what the west side looks like at baltimore national pike inner loop clear and outer loop clear and here's the drive times 11 minutes to get from 795 down to 95. we will remain up to speed on the east side of the beltway with an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95 up to 83 and no concerns on 95 in white marsh. it will take 6 minute from the harbor tunnel throughway to the fort mchenry tunnel toll plaza. be the first to know about traffic alerts and drive teems by following me on twitter at maryland traffic. a fearless defensive tackle on the field a funny man off the field. art donovan played pro football for 12 years but we will
5:29 am
remember him as number 706789 and today the community -- 70 and today the community says farewell. roosevelt leftwich joins us live outside the cathedral mary our queen on charles street to let us know what's going on today. rosy. >> reporter: hundreds of people will come here to the cathedral to pay their respects to a the man who is not only a great man on the field, but a great man off the field. artie donovan will be remembered as someone who was a really good guy e died late sunday from a respiratory-- he died late sunday from a respiratory illness. he was considered wouldn't most dominating defensive players that played the game. he was quick for a man his size and feared pass rusher. he defined his position in the nfl and earned his place in thepro football hall of fame. he defined what a player should be off the field when he retired he stayed in baltimore and owned several businesses including a country club and raised a family. to say he was good story teller was understeam because